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Well this is my story. As long as i can remember i always had bad teeth, even as a kid. Seemed like i was always going to the dentist for pulling’s and fillings and by the time i was grown and had no insurance it seemed like a lot of dental work didn’t hold up and fillings came out, broken or chipped teeth but nothing too horrible but gosh was i so self conscious. Well then i found out what crystal methamphetamine was and that wreaked havoc on my life and my mouth. Only by God’s grace have i been off drugs and in recovery for almost 6 months. Ive not been so happy in so long and nowadays in my life i finally have countless reasons to smile, but i don’t or i hide my smile or cut it short or not smile as big as i feel like inside. My fiancée tells me all the time i’m beautiful and i cannot believe it with a smile like the one I’ve got. My teeth are so embarrassing and have really killed any self esteem I’ve built about myself. Literally if i had 3 wishes a new smile would definitely be at least the second wish 😉 i kept seeing the ads on my Facebook feed and thought why not. I know i don’t deserve a new smile given a few circumstances but gee whiz what a difference it would make for me and how grateful id be. Ironic huh? That I’ve finally began to live a happy life and one of my consequences is Im still suffering from on this horrific smile and want to beam and cant because smiling is humiliating. Anyway, its worth a go. Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

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