Help LiseJean Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Hello, my story begins as a child growing up in the 70’s. I have hereditary bad teeth, and the substance used in the 70’s just made my teeth break. The real tragedy came after I left an abusive relationship, and…he found me! i was attacked and assaulted by him,  and had 5 teeth knocked out and my lower jaw broken in two places. I have a titanium plate and 5 screws in my jaw. As a result I have lost my ability to smile. Couldn’t smile at my daughters wedding. Can not get a job(because people think I am a meth addict) and have lost my confidence. I have never been a cane person, but…I miss smiling and talking to people. I have raised 6 children and have 5 grandchildren with one on the way. I really just want to be my out going, confident, funny self again. My children love me no matter what, but they want me to smile instead of hiding when the introduction to a friend is coming, or a camera comes out. If I could get a job(was an optician, worked with the public and loved my job) making over 40,000 a year, I’d just buy your product and be happy. However, with the way I look, a janitorial job is all I could get and I can’t afford to buy a smile. I have fallen into a deep depression over this, not to mention a touch of ptsd. I can overcome anything. I am a strong woman and smiling again would sure improve my quality o life. Thanks for your time and consideration.  I posed a before and after picture. Yes…I’ve aged and that’s ok, just want to SMILE!!!

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