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For many years I have spent feeling very insecure about my smile. I SPENT so much time taken care of friends and family that my person needs where set aside. In 2010 I was diagnosed with pcos.  And was told I would not have children of my own. My life took a turn for worse… I became very depressed didn’t understand why everything was happening.  I became to develop large amounts of facial hair. And my hormones started to go crazy.  I spent a lot of time taking different medicine to try and control my hormones
And nothing seemed to work.  In 2012 I was pregnant it was a shock of my life. But it was short lived.I was 16 weeks along and went in for a check up.and there was no heatbeat. My son had passed away. I deliver him Aug 1st. A day in will never for get. He had nerobastoma which is a rare cancer after all of are appointments and research we found it was the second case in the us of a fetus deploying cancer. It was heart breaking.. causing me to fall futher in to depression and asking are selfs why is this all happening.  But January of 2013 I got the news that I was pregnant again. Scared out of my mind. And worried for 9 months of how I was going to be able to handle a new baby how I would feel about losing a child and gaining a child.  The stress took a big toll of my body.  I let myself go. . I had so many mixed feelings about what was to come… I was blessed with a baby girl in September of 2013.she’s the love of my life. We still have to deal with the doctor appointments for her month check ups for cancer. And i am still working on fixing my hormone levels.
I have worked so hard to take care of thing important things in my life that I put my self on the back burner. I work very hard every day . And have to talk to alot of people on a daily basis that my confidence level has fallen and i am assumed to smile to even look in the mirror before I got to work.  Am scared to hear what my daughter will say when she starts to notice that mommy had yucky teeth. I just really need help.

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