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I only drank cola as a child and no parent stopped me. As I never liked milk, my teeth were weak and have crumbled. When I was of age to go to the denist myself I unfortunately had a very unscrupulous one who would just keep doing temporary fillings to gain the most money. Due to this fact, I now have lots of missing teeth and the remaining ones are very discoloured and unsightly.  I now have a good dentist and my own teeth I have left are medically sound and i wear a partial but I cry all the time at the appearance of them as over the years my smile has become worse and worse. I want to have a nice smile, especially as I work in Customer Service and have done for a long time. I love my job and keeping other people happy but it is so hard to do without smiling myself and I am so self conscious I even cover my mouth when I talk which is not ideal as I am paid to communicate with people. I worry for my position.  This situation is completely destroying me and I have no confidence left, I feel like just hiding away from the world. I am so embarrassed and ashamed I just stare at the floor constantly and hope nobody wants to converse as I know they judge me by my teeth. I am an educated lady but I know this issue has stopped me fulfilling my potential in my career due to my self confidence and others judgement.  There is no way I can afford the cosmetic work from my dentist and I have spent over a year trying to find an alternative. Please help me, as I can not go on as I am..I cant tell you how much it would mean if you could help me. I just want to smile not cry…

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