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Well I guess I have always had crooked teeth even when I was young. I have a child size jaw so as my teeth came in, there was not enough room for them. Soon after turning 20, my wisdom teeth came in, all 4 at once over about 3 days. As they came in, they shattered my back molars. I had to have 3 of my bad molars and all 4 wisdom teeth pulled out a few years after that my 2 front teeth broke and I could never afford to get them fixed they are to the point now that I have to have them both pulled out I hate my smile every one all ways asks about my teeth and its so embarrassing so I try to not smile or show them. My smile stops me from a lot in my life, like getting a good job and trying to talk to people. My self confidence is low in my life right now. My bf of 7 years has proposed to me but I’m so scared I don’t want to get married like this. So I’ve been putting off setting a wedding date. I won’t get family pictures with my son because I can’t smile, its so depressing how much a smile with decent teeth can kill a person’s self esteem. I just wish I had even a some what of a good smile. No one is perfect but something less broken and crooked would make me feel less helpless and broken


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