Help Corey Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

I have had very crooked teeth since my early teens due to my wisdom teeth. I went to a couple of different dentist on different occasions to see about getting braces and getting it fixed, but was always told they would need to break my jaw to align my overbite or they wouldnt even try. Up until the new era of digital cameras all my photos as a kid and grown up are with me without a smile. Only now do i smile in some images with my wife because i can look at the picture and delete it if I dont like the way my teeth look in the picture. My son recently had the same problems and our dental doesn’t cover braces or any of the procedures related to them so I had to fork out all the money on my own. I just recently came across your site and would love to have these, however I work in the oilfield and times are hard right now, so cant afford them at the moment. To win this would change my life and maybe I’ll even walk around with a smile…..That would be awesome….If I dont win however when times get better I will definitely come back and get some…Thks for offering this and changing peoples lives…when i am able to get these it will be a blessing.

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