Help Kathleen Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

I’m 58 years young
Female and I’ve looked after people all my life and still do.  I’m an assistant in nursing. Been abused all my life n now I’ve said no more it’s my time to shine like a diamond . I don’t smile or have photos taken of myself n I always get asked are you sad . This is all the time mainly at work . But I’ve just met a beautiful man n we have known each other since we were teenagers n now he’s coming over from Perth to see me n I pray n I’ve prayed that some how I might be able to smile n have a photo taken as I haven’t been able to afford to visit a dentist . I’ve always put myself last . But I’ve got a new look on life now n have faith . So I’m hoping I might be worthy of winning a free smile . I’ve never asked anyone for help before or ever one anything but I’m praying for a miracle .. cheers Kath

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