Help Courtney Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

I am 44 I work with hard to place teen girls for 15 years now through state of MD. I have got a gold teeth at age 15 became single mom at 17 but I refused to be a failure so I raised my son best way I could and my appearance took a back seat but it was fine . I suffered alot of lost being abandoned by my mother I always knew I would be a great mom .so I love children so much and I knew my heart could give alot of love so I began mentor young girls and eventually taking them in and talking and sharing my story how I made the choices in my life to have a child at 17  and how I continue to push pass negativity in MD . My son is graduate from college and now working on his masters and I did that I couldn’t do it for myself but teach those lessons with my teens about pregnancy peer pressure and self esteem  and I always wanted to get my teeth done but could not afford it so I smile from inside

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