Help Gwen Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Dear Sir/Madam:
I am really embarrassed by my smile!  I do not have dental insurance or the resources to have my teeth done.  All my life I have always exhausted my resources on helping others. I raised a child from 2 days to fours years old, (no money received)  I have elderly parents that I have to go visit and help them out; I live with a 76 year old paralyzed man that I am his caregiver and do not get paid for that.  I visit with elderly people and assist them what ever way I can without pay.  When I am asked to speak at church I am too embarrassed by the discoloration of my teeth,  I take a liquid iron supplement which is harsh on my teeth,  they are crooked, I have teeth missing on both sides.  I used to be so pretty and the attention wasn’t on my teeth.  Now that I am in my middle adult life, that is the first thing that you noticed.  I don’t ask of anything from anyone, I am always giving either of my time or what little resources that I have.  I am asking you to please consider me for “winning a smile.”   I would love to smile again and speak at church as God call me too.  If not one day when I get the money I will contact you for your service.  Thank you!

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