Help Wanda Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

First, I would like to say that, I have not taken a picture showing my teeth in decades.  I am always been afraid to go to the dentist and that has caused me not to have healthy teeth.  I started losing my teeth in my 20s and that is when I lost my smile.  I sing, I speak in public and in February I am renewing my vows.  We decided to do that after I had open heart surgery.  One of my teeth actually was knocked loose during that procedure, but they tell you that before hand.  I am active at my grandchildren’s school and I am always not smiling, so they think I am mean.  NOT at all. We took a family portrait, and I am the only one not smiling, so my husband made them do it over, so he didn’t smile either.  I need my smile back, at least for my vow renewal. We are expecting many people to show up.  Can you help me.  Please don’t put my picture up so people can see it, I am too ashamed of that. I want to thank you even if I don’t win. Maybe someone will get there smile back along with their self esteem.

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