Help Kim Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

OMG this would be a dream come true.I have disliked my teeth all my life…I am at 42 now. I’ve had  four caps I paid for at about 18.yrs old….I recently had braces removed about 6months ago…I still don’t like my teeth…I don’t smile in photos..I don’t smile as much as I would like to,as I think I look much better than when I don’t  smile..I would love to have some beautiful photos with my children one day…I’m the one always taking the photos.,never in them…I’m saving for a holiday and would love to spend it on my teeth but don’t think it’s fair to use money on myself when my family  all deserve some time away together. ..please please please pick me….it would make me so happy and I would smile so much more!

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