Help Yakeisha Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

I’m a mother of 3 boys (a set of identical twins who are eleven and my eldest is 15). About 8 years ago i had gastric bypass. I lost a significant amount of weight from it. One of my complications from it that i lost bone density in my teeth from the toxic of vomit that caused them to decay speedily. I have gotten 2 teeth pulled in the side front of my mouth that is too unbearable to smile. I have to try so hard to clinge my lips together. After a while my jaws lock from the intense posture. I’m too embarrass to small. Even when doing public speaking I always fear someone is looking at my mouth or can see the missing teeth and decay when smiling. Im in engaged to my fiance and my wedding is set for May 2016 and i want to be able to smile as I walk to him with beautiful dress and hair. I want a beautiful smile too! Please help me!

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