Help Madisen Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

My whole life I have been so self conscious about my smile! I hate it terribly! No, there is nothing terribly wrong with my teeth, and I’m lucky in that way. But I absolutely hate how small they are and how much gums show when I’m smiling. This has caused me to always  smile in pictures and everything else with my mouth closed, which never looks very great. I also feel like the size of my teeth makes me look younger. Which drives me crazy! Only little children should have teeth so small. I looked into a dental procedure called, crown lengthening in which they actually have to go in and shave some of my tooth off along with lasering out my gums. I’ve never had a high pain tolerance and am terrified that after the pain and all the money it won’t help me achieve the look that I’d like. I was thrilled to find press on veneers and I REALLY hope this is the option for me!

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