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I had one tooth that turned due to the dentist not wanting to pull my baby tooth. This was my only reason for getting braces as an adult. My parents did not have money so I was an adult before I was able to get the money. I wore my braces for 6 years to fix one tooth. In the process it messed up my bite and my tooth is still sideways. I am very self conscious of my smile due to my tooth which is right in front. Also my bottom teeth are now receading from the gumline due to the braces pulled too far out of my gums. I just went through a divorce of 20 year marriage and am now middle aged. I would love to finally be able to feel comfortable to smile but do not have the money to invest. I have children and very little income. A smile is a very powerful thing and I have never truly smiled in my life. I would love to finally know how it feels. Thank you and have a Blessed day!

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