Help Jessica Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

I’m 23 will be 24 on December 9, I have always be embarrassed to smile, my self esteem has been so down since I was 13, I was made fun at school. I have a front twisted teeth , and 3 gaps  I can’t afford to get my teeth fix so I can smile like I would want too, I don’t open my mouth when I talk because my teeth embarrasses me so I talk with my mouth closed , I don’t like to talk on my right side because I have a nasty view of my mouth , I have gaps as well, if I win this I would be the happiest girl , I could finally smile,and if I don’t get chosen I still  I want to thank yall for giving smiles  because I know the feeling of not being to smile someone is going to enjoy there smile xoxo

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