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If you look at my picture you’ll notice that’s how I smile…I don’t.  I’ve had 7 teeth pulled so far & although no-one knows this about me, the way that I look when I do smile makes me have nightmares. Literally. I had a very bad, painful experience with a dentist when I was 14, which led me to where I am today; waiting until a tooth is so bad there’s no other choice but to pull it. My teeth are bad starting in my gums. It’s hereditary I think, as my mom also has very bad teeth & gums. I don’t think people understand what missing teeth does to your self esteem. Not only do I work in a job where smiling is pretty much manditory, but I’m also a very happy person in general & one of those people who does their best to make everyone in the room smile. I’m a single mother, I don’t receive any kind of assistance, I don’t receive child support, & although I have dental insurance, I still cannot afford the price  I would have to pay in order to make my smile pretty again.  It’s a silent burden I carry.  Not having the smile I want to have makes me depressed, it keeps me from dating,  being social, & even keeps me awake at night. It’s something I think about every single day. I’m embarrassed of myself & for my kids for having to be seen with me. If I were able to have a pretty smile again I promise to put it to use immediately! It would change my life in so many ways. I’d be eternally grateful for such a wonderful opportunity.

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