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Hello, my name is travis brewer, i am 21 years old. i have suffered with bad teeth all my life. i had braces for a few years, up until i turned 14. the dentist i went to did everything wrong which ended up being what it is today. i am a singer, songwriter. i have made videos of my talent but i can never use high quality video because my teeth will show. the only thing that holds me back is my smile. i have always wanted a perfect smile and there are times were i dont even want to open my mouth and it ruins my confidence for job interviews and performing the way i would like to.. im a very expressive person, i would love to be able to say i have beautiful teeth. and wouldnt be put down because i dont. over the years i learned to accept myself and love myself for who i am but my teeth are just something i can never grow to love. and i wouldnt even expect to get beautiful teeth for free but if i could get  them allot cheaper i would be fine with that as well.i dont have much money to spend, if any.. i work for a inventory company and work is very slow, which forced me to move into my grandmothers  house after my mother passed away because i couldnt pay the bills. i would love to go into an interview or to make a video of me singing my songs and not have to’ worry about my teeth. if i could have this one break and finally have a beautiful smile that ive been longing for, for years. i would be so very greatful. thank you for reading my story. if you would like to see a video of my music i would be happy to provide it.. and even after if i do get the smile ive been dreaming of. thank you again.

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