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My dad took me to a dentist at the age of 17 and the dentist told me that most likely I would need dentures within five years which now leaves me looking into an Instant Smile with Veneers. When I was younger I brushed my teeth twice a day I would floss daily and use mouthwash a lot but as I got into high school my teeth just started falling apart. I was never really taken to a dentist as a child not sure why probably because we couldn’t afford it. Even if I changed my bad habits that day after leaving the dentist office my teeth were already at a point of no coming back leaving my only option an Instant Smile with Veneers.  Several of my teeth needed root canals and I am sure much more but my dad didn’t have the money to fix my teeth or even help me gain an Instant Smile with Veneers. He was going to save up the money but he ended up getting sick and his medical problems took all our extra money and then some… so I never got my teeth taken care of or got the Instant Smile with Veneers that I desperately need. Now that I am 23 years old My fiancé and I are currently saving money so I can try and get most or all of my teeth pulled and hopefully get dentures or a partial. I would just love to be able to smile or talk without having to worry about my teeth grossing people out or worse getting made fun of or bullied over my teeth.  I haven’t really smiled in almost ten years I know that an Instant Smile with Veneers would give me a reason to smile. It would be a dream come true to get an Instant Smile with Veneers but sadly I cannot afford them.

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