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Hi My Name Is Rachelle Molina and this Is my story.
I grew up the youngest or 2 girls there is me and there is my older sister Olivia. Ever since I could remember my oldest sister has always been very talented. When she was just 5 years old she discovered a talent within herself ART. She is an amazing artist and is always recognized for her art work. It is a hot topic within out family but when it comes to me conversation comes to a stand still. When it comes to actually talking I LOVE to do it…. Over the phone. Not because I don’t like People but because My smile holds me back. I’ve ALWAYS had a gap  in my front teeth and crowding. Braces were never an option because my parents could never afford them. Now that I am an adult it is even tougher to try to save money to afford any dental work so I take care of my teeth as much as I can but Still It feel like it goes unnoticed because all people ever see is my hideous teeth  and they automatically assume that I have poor hygiene.  Everyone that I know including my family all have very beautiful teeth and smiles. It makes me feel so incredibly sad when people talk to me because I know once I open my mouth all they see is my teeth and all I see is the disgust in their face.  It would mean so much If I could win these arches because to me it’s more than just a smile, it’s my life.

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