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I’m Jalia and I was diagnosed with a disease called Sickle Cell Anemia, which is deadly. I found out about it early. My parents were told when I was two months and from then on out I had to take medicine in order to get through the day so when I was a toddler I had to chew several pills which stained my teeth really bad. As I was growing up I didn’t get in any pictures or smile if there was something funny said living with this disease has taken a toll on my body, face and especially my teeth. My teeth are pretty straight and even, but the stains on teeth and the brown spots on teeth keep me from smiling.

I already couldn’t do half the things other children could do, but I never would have thought I wouldn’t be able to smile, get in family pics instead of taking them. May parents could not afford the huge expense of teeth repair and I have been stuck with really bad teeth. I have tried EVERYTHING in the book to make me feel pretty again.

No matter what I do people always notice my stained teeth. The brown spots are so apparent that I can’t even hide them when I try to talk. I never look at no one face to face when having a conversation.  I graduated and decided not to cherish the moment and take my year book pictures my mom was pretty upset. I realize that I am losing memories by trying to protect myself from the world because of my bad teeth.

All I want to be able to do is smile without covering my mouth with my hand or nodding when someone asks me a question…Dealing with my disease is hard but trying to hide my smile from being noticed or talked about, all I want is to feel normal and be able to smile. I’m hoping that teeth veneers will give me one day to feel normal again.

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