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Hello, my name is Jessica Cortez.

I’ve been very unhappy with my smile throughout my life. It certainly lowered my self esteem and ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted a better smile.

It certainly hindered me from doing things and kept me from a lot of activities  in high school. I’ve been bullied and called out about my teeth ever since elementary school.

I grew up in the Philippines because my mom couldn’t take care of me when I was a baby so she took me to the Philippines.  So when I came here, I was in 3rd grade, I really had no  care about my looks or anything until this one kid started pointing out my small tooth and gaps. It didn’t bother me that much but as I grew to middle school everyone started glowing up, my face also matured but my teeth stayed the same.

I tried asking my parents for braces, but my dad works 6am-11pm everyday with 2 jobs,  they seemed troubled enough with all their debts I don’t wanna worry them any further. Please help me. I just want to cover up my upper teeth. I’ve saved up $100.

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