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I wish I could post more pictures because with my profile I look like a granny with funny teeth!

I am Kelly, 36 years old, but I look 20 years older. I have always had little teeth but starting in my teenage years was when the years of wear from night grinding started to show. My teeth are flat and the yellow dentin shows, plus the enamel has worn off so that my teeth are badly stained as well.

I've been asked if I even have any teeth because it looks like I have a mouthful of missing teeth, and people ask why they have never seen them. I got picked on in high school and called a rat face. My lips are thin and I have now gotten deep creases in the corners of my mouth from what the dentist call facial collapse which makes my mouth look longer. I know most people are embarrassed because of their bad teeth that do show, but I really have to struggle in my smile to show any, which can be just as bad

I've had a dentist in North Carolina tell me they have never seen such little teeth and then severe wear on teeth on top of that. One dentist in North Carolina quoted me 28,000 from a local Thomasville  dentist for  dental bonding cost which doesn't guarantee it would work because I do not have much tooth material to bond to. I also have most of my fillings fall back out due to this reason so I would need this done as well as tooth bonding and cosmetic dental  work.

When talking to people I usually look away while smiling or it looks as if I do not think its as funny to me because I always smile with my mouth closed. I also can't pronounce certain letters like S and D correctly which forces you to put your front teeth together to say and  I notice people staring at my mouth because it looks funny when I say words with these letters. I stumble on my words because I try to find alternate words without these letters. I believe I would benefit greatly, because I really like people, but often stay to myself or avoid social situations or face to face contact (such as a dinner) because of this.

I have often cried and have dealt with this for a long time. I am married with 3 kids and I am still quite young to have to go many more years of my life like this. I'm tired of taking pictures with my family and kids with my mouth closed. All of my pics have been this way since my Senior High School pics. My smile is very unnatural with an open mouth.

Whenever I have worn a mouthpiece at night I think it looks amazing how much younger I look because it fills out my lips and face and I look younger. To be able to show off a beautiful smile is something I have always dreamed and never been able to do. My situation affects me every single day.

I would be forever grateful to Brighter Image Labs for this opportunity for a smile makeover and I would represent them well. I believe the change would be dramatic with clip on dental veneers and that would reflect on the great quality and craftsmanship of this company's strive to meet each person's individual needs. I need some teeth to show off!

Thank you for your time and consideration. This would be a life changing thing for me. I have all I need in life except for the cost of veneers and the funds to make this happen and that smile I've been longing for to enjoy the rest of my life. Thank you.

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