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I was a victim of domestic violence which has left me needing a Lab Direct New Smile Makeover . I moved away from my home state to get away from him and he actually paid someone to find me. He showed up on my doorstep 1500 miles away from my home state- after multiple restraining orders in 2 states – he managed to get to me and hurt me pretty badly – but as far as my broken tooth -he only cracked a piece of my front tooth off then it just continued to break and now I am seeking a Lab Direct New Smile Makeover. I am a single mother who raised two wonderful daughters and have 4 amazing grandchildren. I went to a dentist because of another broken tooth- and they ended up messing up one of my front broken teeth even worse than it was when I walked into the dental office, I ended up in surgery for 4 hours to stop bleeding and the damage the dentist caused to my broken tooth.  I have had a fear of dentist every since that happened so a  Lab Direct New Smile Makeover is sounding like the miracle I need.  I have never had the money to get my broken tooth fixed and as the years have passed , I now only have a sliver of this front broken tooth left which leaves me desiring a  Lab Direct New Smile Makeover.  It is embarrassing, and I won’t smile anymore in front of anyone so you will actually be giving me a smile with a  Lab Direct New Smile Makeover with your Press on Veneer.  There are other missing and broken teeth that show only when I  smile but they are not as embarrassing as the front missing/broken tooth.  I recently have reconnected with my high school sweetheart online and won’t let him come see me because I am too embarrassed of my broken front tooth and missing back teeth.  I am dying inside to smile again and I know that a Lab Direct New Smile Makeover with a Press on Veneer is MY LAST HOPE.

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