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When I was fourteen my mother asked my brother and I to help her in the yard. It was a very hot day. I do believe it was a July summer month in Georgia 1975.

My brother who was eight years younger than me was very spoiled, you see it was only the two of us. Well that day my little brother as usual didn’t want to come out an help with the yard. I always followed the rules.

See my oldest brother passed away and my parents felt they were given another chance when my baby brother was born.

Well, we had not long moved into this brand new home and for some reason bricks were everywhere. My Mother ordered my brother to take the bricks around the house. Of course he didn’t want to. He was just standing there in the yard doing nothing. My Mother made a joking comment. I can’t even remember what she said, but it was funny. I only smiled a little. He looked at me ass though he hated the girl who always looked out for him and took care of him when our parents worked.

He picked up the brick and threw it in my face. It knocked my front tooth out I was bleeding crying. My mother took me to the dentist the next day. Nothing was done. My brother didn’t get punished or even talked to.

I have been going on with my life. Not smiling for school pictures, my wedding pictures pictures with my children, friends on the job pictures. No smile from me. I have felt sad and alone with this smile.

I want to smile big with beautiful white in order teeth. To this day I have on big tooth in front of my mouth. The other teeth have moved some sticking out and some to far in. Please help me smile.

Linda Burks

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