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People used to tell me all the time that I had a sweet smile. Now they look away from me with a disgusting look on their face if I smile. So I don't smile much anymore it makes me look like I am mad.
I lost my left canine biting down on a piece of pop corn several years ago yes it hurt but I still did not have money to fix it or even have it pulled. So I have a big gap in my smile where I am missing a tooth. Both of my lateral incisors were filled several years ago and the fillings fell out of one side and the other is discolored. My two front incisors also have a gap in front teeth which used to have tooth bonding on them which fell out that is not as big a problem as the lost tooth and the lost and discolored fillings I just lost my job because of my bad teeth. I was a server in a pretty fancy restaurant. They had me on a limited schedule so I would not embarrass them and until I could get my teeth fixed. But I wasn't making enough to pay a North Carolina dentist what it would cost to fix teeth. I have a job interview today that I am hoping they can see past my teeth but I don't know. I don't know if I should smile or not. I am miserable as heck over it. Can you help me? I want to pay for the whole thing but at the moment I am very broke and could not put very much down for online dental veneers but I do feel like if my teeth looked better I would have the confidence to find a great job and pay the total.


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