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My name is Sharon and I used to like to smile a lot. Since I got into an accident while riding a razor scooter in 2002 I haven’t smiled as much because I am very self conscious about my smile. I am engaged and haven’t set a date because I am so worried about how I’ll look in photos. I tend to smile somewhat crooked because I am so self conscious about it. I’d like to be able to smile and laugh more with my young daughter and officially tie the knot with my fiancee.

After the scooter accident I went to a county hospital because I didn’t have insurance. I’ve undergone implant surgery but, my gums recessed. I also underwent gum grafting to no avail. They wanted to do bone grafting but, I just didn’t want to have any more surgery. A false bridge was made for me and bonded to a couple of my front teeth. I’ve had it for years but, it looks so unnatural. I’d like to get it removed and get something that is more comfortable and natural looking.

I also have teeth missing in other areas because of bad fillings I had as a child. I just recently had a couple of teeth pulled due to an abscess so my face is a little swollen on my right side in the pictures attached.

I am a stay at home mom with a small online business but, I don’t make enough income to cover cosmetic dentistry. I have denti-cal but, it also doesn’t cover what is considered cosmetic dentistry.

I feel a better smile would help me to be a better mom for my little girl because I wouldn’t be self conscious about laughing and smiling with her.  It would also make me more confident and make me want to get out more to promote my business so I could get more customers.



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