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Due to a problem that began years ago I am seeking a Low Cost New Smile makeover with Cosmetic teeth covers. My problem with my smile is my two front teeth, as a single parent raising two children. Money was always tight, but I managed. When I first noticed a dark spot in the middle of my two front teeth I went to the dentist that I could afford to seek a new smile makeover with cosmetic teeth covers, it was down hill from there and very painful. Over the years I could  not afford to seek out dentists known for “good” work. So I did my research on cosmetic teeth covers work that were Low Cost but I also was too worried to go to a dentist I could just “afford”, so over the years my two front teeth had gotten worse then before you know it I need a bunch of other dental work as well. The option to get a Low Cost New Smile Makeover with Cosmetic teeth covers is exactly what I knew I needed once hearing of  I learned a lot of the pain I  suffer from  is Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is painful for me everyday, more pain was never an option I sought out for me. I live with knee pain, hand pain and lower back pain everyday.  When I would leave the dental office thinking finally a dentist who will or  could work with my finances to get me the new smile makeover with cosmetic teeth covers I wanted  all I could think of is how much more pain I would be in. I have been hospitalized for depression and panic attacks for health reasons and the thought of more pain scares me so much that I have just given up. I have learned how not to show my front teeth when smiling or speaking with what friends.  I want friends and my daughter to see me smile, I want to take pictures smiling. I want to hug my daughter with a big hug and an even bigger smile. I am so glad Brighter Image Lab is working to make this a possibility, that other wise would just NOT EXIST!!!





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