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My story started while playing on a playground (my brothers and I)  I wanted to push them on the swing.  I ended up getting hit in the nose and  losing my baby teeth and damaging my permanent teeth,  leaving me needing a Low-Priced smile that snaps over your Permanent Teeth. When I was 2 years old, my mom was a meth addict (still is), Alcoholic dad, and me and my 3 older brothers went wherever we wanted. The doctor told my mom that it was 80 lbs. of pressure that hit me. I am grateful my face is not messed up, but my permanent teeth are another story.
I am missing some of my permanent teeth from the accident. It actually grew in at the top of my mouth below my nose and was removed when I was little. The remaining front tooth had a root canal because it came in and the root was dead, the root canal was done wrong and I currently have some swelling above it.
I have never had the chance to be completely happy with myself because of the damage to my permanent teeth. Just need some guidance of some sort on where to go or a blessing from someone on who is willing to help me. I love myself and my daughters but the worst part of waking up is not even being able to wake up and smile at myself in the mirror because of my permanent teeth.
I have become so good at hiding my permanent teeth that not even my ex husband knew about my permanent teeth for the first three years of my marriage. When it did finally end because of the abuse, and pinning me between vehicles while I was pregnant causing me to lose our first baby but  I still stayed in fear. I was finally granted a protective order against him, the last hurtful thing he said to me was “I can’t hear you, fix the permanent teeth in your mouth B****!” When I was begging him to stop hitting me on my kitchen floor. Finally I  had enough and have been single for two years now.
I would like to change myself, I know if I had a beautiful smile, with my abilities and skills I could get any job I wanted. The only thing missing is my self confidence. I would forever be in debt to you and your business for helping me get the Low-Priced smile that snaps over your Permanent Teeth , I hope anyone who reads this can see I need help getting a Low-Priced smile that snaps over your Permanent Teeth.

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