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Hi. Thanks so much for considering me for free dental veneers. I have had a lifelong struggle with my smile. The shape of my teeth & front teeth with gap caused me to be ridiculed as a child & teen. In 2002, I had a surgery which caused complications with my body absorbing nutrients. My teeth began to suffer, as well as the rest of my body. By 2004, I became unable to work. I had worked in medicine my entire life. I was an EMT & did my fair share of saving lives. Even when I was my sickest, I still helped others. I stopped at a vehicle accident in 2011 & did CPR for the driver when no one else would touch him. I did mouth to mouth bc he wasn’t breathing. An onlooking nurse & dr would’ve let him die. I couldn’t. By God’s grace, he survived. He found me & thanked me. I’ve always been a caring person. In 2007, my illness almost killed me. I was hospitalized & given blood transfusions. I was appointed to a hematologist who saved MY life! Ever since, my health has improved to the point of me almost being normal! I require regular IV treatments. I’ve begun to fix my teeth, bc being malnourished cause the loss of an upper rt & lower lt tooth. I have them filled & cared for, since my insurance covers ONLY that. I asked my dentist for dental partial dentures, but she told me my insurance wasn’t acceptable any longer & dismissed me as a patient. I was crushed, she wouldn’t take my poor paying insurance. The missing teeth, tooth discoloration, gap teeth & shape of my teeth causes me to be embarrassed & humiliated. Sometimes, I just avoid social situations all together. I want a GOOD smile sooooo bad!!! I called & emailed the makers of Lumineers if they could help me get my teeth veneered but they said they couldn’t help me and I could not afford lumineers prices without insurance. I begged. I would be a perfect candidate bc I am outgoing, kind & caring. I am a reputable person who has just fell on hard times & needs a brighter smile to let her light shine on the world again. Please, please, PLEASE help me cover missing teeth!!! I would sing the graces Press On Veneers Teeth from the highest mountain!!!

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