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I am 31 years old and I am extremely self conscious about my teeth and my smile. I do not normally show my teeth in photos and when I am smiling. It often looks like a fake smile or a forced smile. Both sisters of mine have had orthodontics performed on their teeth, but I was always pushed back from my father and the dentists I was seeing at the times because of the cost of dental. I am jealous that both sisters have perfectly straight and white teeth and I am the one suffering with gaps in teeth and a severe underbite because of the cost of braces. I remember the first dentist I seen when I was in JR. High. He was great, until he told me to have a baby tooth removed. One night I pulled and pulled, until I finally pulled the tooth out. I was relieved that my snaggle tooth was finally gone. About a month or so after my initial cleaning and recommendation to have the tooth extracted, he sent me to a very popular orthodontist in Wheelersburg, Ohio. This orthodontist is the same man that put braces on my sisters. With me, he noticed that I was missing an Adult tooth. Yes, the one my dentist told me to pull was the one that was the missing tooth. So the first time I was seen by this orthodontist I was referred to have my wisdom teeth extracted. 6 months later I had the procedure done for him to tell me to come see him in a year. One year later, I am told the same thing. During this time, my fathers insurance had changed and we began to look for other options with orthodontists offices near Wheelersburg. After what seemed like an eternity (for a 15 year old it really did) we finally found one and I immediately was transferred to his office. Again, I was told that I was missing a tooth along with a few other mouth, gum, and teeth concerns. My new orthodontist spoke with me and my father on the options to correct my underbite and gap between front teeth on my upper arch and the prices of dental work. I was getting very very excited to finally start getting some corrective work done. The excitement wore off fast after my father explained to me that he did not have the kind of money to put towards my dental procedures such as to close gaps in teeth and the cost of implants is too high. I was heart broken and still continue to have severe issues and depression on my teeth. I was hoping to have a perfect beautiful smile for my senior photos, prom and graduation. I never got that. Today, 15 years later I am still unhappy with my teeth. I am jealous and envious to anyone who has a smile that I have often dreamed of. I often photoshop photos of myself just to see what I would really look like with my dream smile. I think it makes me more angry with my father, because my sisters have smiles that I have only wished I could have. I dont date because my self esteem tells me that they are not going to think I am good looking enough because of my smile. I have not dated anyone since high school and that was almost 15 years ago. I pray every night to hit the lottery so the first thing I can do is not be worried about the cost of implants to get the smile I want and deserve. During interviews and social gatherings, I constantly feel eyes on my smile and I end up using my hands or any other objects close by to cover my flaws. I feel that  if I were to be selected for a smile makeover for no dental veneers, you would not only make my day…not my year….but a forever change in my life. I could feel more confident when taking photos, or dating, or just being myself. The change would defiantly change me from an unhappy person to a very very happy person.

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