Help Sherry Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

I never thought I would get married and FINALLY it happened. The worst thing happened to me the day after my wedding my front tooth fell out leaving me Missing Front Tooth. Since then my husband has mentioned how he is embarrassed to be seen with me because of my Missing Front Tooth and has left me and my children to fend for ourselves.  I have a very hard getting a job because of the shame I feel over my Missing Front Tooth.  I never leave my house due to this Missing Front Tooth and when and if I go out in public I try not and talk to new people without covering my mouth so that I do not further embarrass my children. If I can get this Press on Veneer it will change my life and give me back the self confidence and possibly the husband I lost the day after my wedding due to my Missing Front Tooth.

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