Help Pam Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

One thing I was always known for was my smile (so everyone said). Twenty years ago I was in a domestic violence relationship with the Father of my children and now I have plenty of missing teeth due to this  horrible relationship.  I stayed in it for 10 years before leaving, and moving to Australia to turn my life around.  Which I did being blessed with the most awesome job in the world even though I had missing teeth.  I have the privilege of working and looking after babies and children with complex disabilities, and many of them who are palliative , so everyday I get to watch these amazing courageous , brave children who are so happy. All I have to complain about is my constant reminder of domestic violence when I look in the mirror and see my missing teeth.   All I have is not being able to  smile because of my missing teeth and being so  very self conscious of the way I look. Its actually been my dream to have nice teeth and finally not have missing teeth anymore. I know I cant  and won't be able to afford to have them any other way, so thank you for the opportunity to have my dream finally come true  and considering me for a new smile  makeover and no more missing teeth.


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