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Hi Ya’ll,My name is Patty and I have had a lot of problems with my appearance with my smile since hurricane Katrina. I have always had those face-to-face kind of jobs in Long Term Care facilities, such as the admission director, activity director, and dietary manager. I stayed at my nursing home during Katrina while I sent my kids north to safety. That was really hard to do. I stayed at the facility for 28 days lending a hand in all departments. So many workers were displaced and fled out of state, and some simply never to return. I was so proud of my workers, they never let me down. During all the commotion of the hurricane a case of gallon water jugs fell and hit me in the mouth and that combined with grinding my teeth out of frustration and fear, I lost my two bottom front teeth and am now missing molars. I’m not worried about the back teeth even though I have teeth with gap back there, but every job since I left there have been lower and lower paying because of the embarrassment of my looks. I know that the missing front teeth have contributed to my reduction in pay.  I am a very smart person and very knowledgeable in my field. My talents are wasted because of my appearance. I went from a $32,000 to about half that. This is difficult since I am a single Mother with a daughter with cancer and 4 grandchildren, 1 of whom lives with me.
FEMA was supposed to pay for a local Louisiana dentist to do the dental work to replace my teeth with partial implants but the teeth replacement never came through. I now suffer from PTSD and a few other things and have kind of become a hermit in my home because I cannot go to a dentist in Baton Rouge to have my missing teeth fixed. I believe most of this is due to the front teeth missing. I used to be very out going and friendly but all that has stopped. Having a new smile from BIL veneers as a teeth cover for missing teeth would change my life. Thank you for listening. Have a blessed day. Patty Warner

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