Help Michelle Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

This is so embarrassing I’ve never smiled with an open mouth my teeth are horrible when I was a child I was in hospital a lot and the antibiotics rotted my teeth. My parents couldn’t afford braces or anything, so I was left with having to go to school. Dentists which terrified me and I grew up with a major dentist phobia. I still hate dentists and only go when I have no other choice,  I’ve had so many teeth pulled due to not being able to afford root canal work I have extras cover but it’s still not enough every tooth I’ve had removed I’ve ended up with dry socket which is hell. I was bullied so bad as a kid due to my crooked teeth now I just don’t smile I even have deep droop lines around my mouth because of it. I’ve tried saving to go on a dental holiday to Thailand to have them all pulled out and get implants but it’s just a dream. I didn’t even smile in my wedding photos, people still say to me why don’t you smile yeah right look at them would you like anyone to see your teeth like that anyway. It would mean the world to me to have something done so I could smile without embarrassment even if it was for just one day thanks for reading.

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