Help Ricky Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

My name is Ricky, and I am 25 years old. I’ve written, deleted and rewritten this story a million times, trying to come up with a way to make myself stand out in order to achieve my next smile with no dentist visit. Trying to get you guys to notice me. To me that almost sounds funny, because I have spent most of my life trying to fade into the background, tying my hardest to NOT be noticed or even smile much. Well today is the day that I WANT to be noticed, I want to be noticed tomorrow, and the day after that too! In my many attempts at this, I thought I’d come up with things that sounded good, or sell you the things that I thought  you might want to hear. But that wouldn’t be MY story, would it? From the pictures I attached, you  probably notice I am missing 2 front teeth and a few on the bottom right side this is the reasoning I seek My Next Smile with no dentist visit.
As I could go into details of how I got to this point in my life, I didn’t want to write a story that left you feeling sad, or bad for me, because of life’s misfortunes. So instead I will chose to write about what plans I have about moving forward, if you pick me as one of your lucky snap on veneer recipients. With this opportunity I will be able to gain back the confidence that has been in the shadows for many years now. My smile has held me back from doing many things I have wanted to do in my life, but its my turn to take control, I would Love to peruse my many dreams and make them become a reality. I read a story a while back that has stuck with me for many years now. A story I’d like to share with you all. “A man leapt to his death from the Golden Gate Bridge, later upon searching his apartment, a note was found” which read “I will go to the Golden Gate Bridge today, if a single person smiles at me, I WON’T jump” needless to say, not a single person smiled at him. Making one person smile can change the world, maybe not the whole world, but their world. To think that something as simple as a smile could have such an impact on somebody is life changing. A smile is much like a yawn, it is contagious. A domino effect if you will.  And for years now I have not been able to smile. I would love nothing more than to be able to share my smile with the world, to inspire others to smile, and quite possibly save somebody’s life. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.







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