Help Aida Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

My name is Aida I have ruined my teeth since I was 25 I was a smoker I lead a rough life parting drinking,  drugs and smoking. I have 1 child  34 and 3 grandchildren 2 in college and one on the way my daughter suffers from seizures. They always ask me grandma why your teeth so ugly I cry all the time they have beautiful teeth and I’m embarrassed to even open my mouth my dream is to smile again with pride I want this so much I cry even thinking about it it so I’ll d be a dream come true I can’t afford it cause I am not able to work diabetic asma,arthritis hepatitis,sciatica back problems and still can’t get income but every day I ask the Lord to give me strength and a beautiful smile thank you.

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