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My name is Kristian Beattie and I’ve been having problems with my teeth since I was an infant. As a baby I developed an abscessed tooth which needed to be removed. Upon the removal of this tooth I was given a retainer – we lived nearly 4 hours away from our dentist’s office and the retainer was constantly needing to be adjusted so I was unable to wear it more so than not. With a missing tooth and nothing to stop my teeth from staying where they were supposed to, my teeth quickly began to shift. By the end of Elementary School my mouth looked like it had gone through a blender. Teeth were laying on top of other teeth, twisted in ways that didn’t even seem to make sense. No matter how hard I tried to keep my teeth clean I was constantly going to the dentist’s office to get fillings after fillings. My first big problem was at the age of about 12 on one of my very front teeth (still noticeable in the picture), it had began to rot and had turned a dark brown color. Being that I came from a low-income family, I was relying on state health insurance to get dental and was admitted to a local clinic called “La Clinica”. They were friendly but their quality wasn’t up to par with what I needed. They told me that I needed a root canal. After the root canal was finished I came out to realize that the part of my tooth that had been rotten had been replaced by a white filling agent that didn’t nearly match the color my actual tooth. It looked as if the two halves of my tooth were different colors and I was embarrassed by the result. I thought after getting my front tooth fixed that most of my teeth problems would begin to smooth out afterwards.. I was wrong. My teeth continued to decline. I continued having to go into the dentist’s office almost every week to get work done. Getting teeth pulled, cavities filled, and root canal after root canal – sometimes more than one at a time. By my freshman year of high school I had amassed what seemed to have been a dental degree’s worth of work done on my teeth. Over 10 root canals, sometimes more than one having to be done on the same tooth, and there had been some kind of work done on nearly every tooth I had. I was completely embarrassed of the way I knew my teeth looked, and I made every effort to cover them with my hand whenever I was forced to talk to someone face to face. During my sophomore year of high school my dreams came true, I was FINALLY getting braces. I had dreamed about them since first becoming self conscious of my teeth. My braces were on for approximately two and a half years and I couldn’t believe the way they had changed my teeth. Granted they weren’t beautiful when I got my braces off, but they were straight and for the first time in my life I could talk to someone and not have the worry of what my teeth looked like in the back of my head. I’m nearly 20 years old now and while I’m still so thankful for the changes braces made to my confidence, I still am self conscious when I smile. My teeth are very discolored, especially my front ones, and I have 4 aluminum crowns. Both of my top crowns can be seen easily when I talk/smile, and really take away from the smile I’ve worked so hard to have. My family of 5 makes less than $35,000 per year so just getting braces for me was something I never thought would be achievable. My youngest brother (14 years old) has severe Autism and Epilepsy so taking care of him is my parent’s main financial priority. I totally understand this and am still so thankful for everything they have done for me, but having press on veneers would increase my confidence dramatically; however, it’s just not something I can afford at this time. I am currently in college looking toward’s a medical career path, and I know having a confident smile would greatly help me in my search for a career (job interviews, consults, etc.). I can not express how much it would mean to me should I receive this set of Brighter Image Lab’s Press On Veneers, but I can say with confidence that it would change my life. I thank you for listening to my Smile Story; I realize that it comparably the length of a novel, my apologies for that.  I appreciate what you all do at Brighter Image Lab and I hope you pick me to be your newest patient!

Thank you so much,
Kristian Beattie

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