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When I was 10 years old I was crossing the street with my dad when a speeding car came out of nowhere and I was hit and thrown about 15 ft in the air is what I was told, but I know I landed face first onto the trunk of a park car. I was injured pretty bad, the driver left the scene and was later caught, but when my grand parents and aunts thought I was sedated I over heard them they say “they hope this will finally show my mom that she should leave my dad for all his infidelities, because the man that hit me was actually trying for my dad cause he was messing around with  his wife, so I have always consider myself to be damaged because of the (Sins of my father), I hate Halloween because even though children don’t know any better they always think I’m a lady vampire and it’s embarrassing so I don’t like to interact with children, don’t date because my smile is horrendous or go to social setting where a lot of people will be and discussing behind my back about the formation of my teeth that I lost due to the (Sins of my father)

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