Help Amorette Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab


Hi! Well, here is my story. I love your product by the way. Just came across it recently looking for “DIY” ways on Youtube to hide my teeth. The past few years have been extremely hard on me because of my appearance. I am a single mom(44) of 4. Two grown and 2 little ones. I am a forklift driver. Actually enjoy it! (Kinda look the part now..a co-worker joked). My budget is tight..even before I can think of fixing teeth..bills, food, kids, Etc. Always something. Started losing my teeth a few years ago. Always had been pretty confident until this. Guys still tell me I”m pretty..but I only see a monster when I look in the mirror. I refuse to even leave the house anymore unless I have to. I’ve lost all my friends as a result. Dating is not an option. I can not imagine letting someone getting that close to me. Typing this out seems a little crazy to feel that way. But I have had guys/people look at me and their eyes automatically look at my teeth and their attitude changes..what a nightmare. A guy on youtube said something close but he added it is assumed you must have a lower IQ..Just because you have bad teeth!! Too true!! I had resigned myself to thinking there were no options for me. In April my father passed away. I wouldn’t even go to his funeral because family I haven’t seen in 20 years would see how bad I look. That really struck home with me..I have to fix this somehow. I could really use your help. Thanks for listening…Amorette  🙂 P.S. I saw at the bottom you’d maybe consider a lower payment plan. I was not raised to take handouts..but I don’t have a lot of extra $..I would be extremely thankful to have that option.

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