Help Chris Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

My story, well it’s a story of fear which is why I am now looking for a New Smile Veneers with no dental appointment I guess one could say, as a child I was made to go to the dentist and was terrified!!!  My mom would always try and comfort me the best way she could,  I never had braces and was lucky enough to always  of had straight teeth, and ALWAYS had a great smile!!!  Well as you get older and you realize you don’t have to make yourself a dental appointment because you are very afraid of them so you start to lose your smile!  I am a very happy person and love to smile …so new smile veneers would be very beneficial for me. But seems  as the years go by and  I am no longer smiling or laughing as much, which is very sad.  I so want to have a new smile back so I can laugh and smile as bright as I used to!!!! please help me get  new smile veneers and pick me for a smile makeover!!! Help me get my smile back with no dental appointment necessary !!! Thanks fo much for listening to me!!!




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