Help Marie Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

I was in a terrible relationship during my time in the Air Force which left me missing one crown and in serious need of a New Smile with Press on Veneers. The day after I got out of the Air Force I found out he had been cheating on me, so naturally I confronted him and he threw his phone at my face busting out my right incisor which I  had just finished going through the process of  a root canal, so it was actually a crown. The Air Force would not help because I had already separated from my abuser and he would not help me in anyway to obtain my New Smile with Press on Veneers not feeling the fault was any of his. I have gone several years like this and still cannot afford the procedure to fix it so a my only hope is a New Smile with Press on Veneers. Insurance only covers a small portion, I would need an implant – $2000 not covered by insurance, bone graft – $900 not covered and a crown partially covered. Unfortunately I have too many other responsibilities being a single woman in todays world and just barely able to make it. So That brings me here to Brighter Image Lab in hopes for a New Smile with Press on Veneers. Any opportunity I could have to get a piece of myself back sounds great to me and I know it will begin with a New Smile with Press on Veneers.


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