Help Cindy Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

I’m disabled from Rheumatoid Arthritis and only have my disability income to live on and No Dental Insurance. I can not afford a new smile especially with No Dental Insurance.  When I heard of Lab Direct Dental Veneers with No Dental Insurance needed I was instantly sold. I am embarrassed about my smile.  I don’t have nice teeth, they’re crooked, pointed, some are missing and therefore I don’t smile to often. One of my top front teeth broke a couple of months ago and the dentist couldn’t save it so it got pulled it gives me just another reason to obtain a new smile with dental veneers by due to the fact I have No Dental Insurance. When had to remove it,  his recommendation of an implant or bridge at the cost of $3000 was not even in the realm of me being able to afford especially with No Dental Insurance.  So, he said they could do a flipper and that is what I use now to replace the tooth he had to remove. It was an affordable option for me at $600 but it’s so uncomfortable to wear. It’s a hard piece of plastic and it leaves a small gap against the roof of your mouth I would love to replace it with dental veneers since you work with people who have No Dental Insurance . I find it difficult to talk at times, some people can’t understand what I am saying.  I would like to have a nice smile for once and not be embarrassed about the way my teeth look and I know dental veneers will allow this to happen and at an affordable price even with No Dental Insurance. I took a picture of my smile just for this smile story submission but I hope you will considering helping me gain a new smile with your dental veneers. Since I have No Dental Insurance dental veneers from Brighter Image Lab may be my last hope. Lets work together at getting me the affordable smile I desire even though I have No Dental Insurance.

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