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Once upon a time I looked really good. I had a partial tooth to replace my missing teeth on top. Then one day I just had to forget that I took out my partial and put it in my coat pocket and then accidentally stepped on it while it was in my pocket. . It didnt look too bad and I thought I could go back to the denturist who made it for me and have him fix it but when I got to the place where his office waupposed to be it was no longer there. It had been rd completely and they were making a new section of the highway where it had been. I looked everywhere for him. Online, in every phone book I could find. its like he disappeared without a trace. I am unemployed or shgould I say barely employed, ofood stamps, section 8 etc and I have been trying to find a way to get my teeth fixed somehow by a miracle because I look really bad now. I cant even smile it would be very scary. I have looked thru countless websites for local dentists who do charity dental care for other people in Washington and other states and I just cant seem to find any dentist etc around here who is willing to make me look good again, Since my partial broke I lost 2 teeth on the bottom and I look so bad now that my own bf cant even stand to look at me. And that really hurts. I am 53 yrs old and something needs to be done with my teeth. I couldnt even try ti look for a real job even if I wanted to with the way my teeth are. If I had the money I would give this a try but there is no way in that would be able to afford it. I have tried several other products such as temp tooth to try to replace my missing teeth and that didnt even work. I was looking for online veneers and found your site. What I wouldnt give to have something to cover the gaps in teeth and be able to look normal again. I wish I could win Match 4 lotto just one time so I could afford to fix my teeth with dental and look normal again and not like trailer trash or a goon. You just dont know how very much this would mean to me if I could be chosen for this. I would be eternally grateful. I would need a set for the upper and lower both.

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