Help Rochelle Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

I’m seek a Painless Dental Smile Makeover because for as long as I can remember I have had bad teeth.  I am 42 so all the fillings that were placed in my teeth as a child have broken away.  I  have not seen a dentist since I was a child due to this I now have several back teeth that have broken above the gum leaving me with the remaining portion still under my gums. The rest of my back teeth have fallen out.  A Painless Smile Makeover will change my life. My front teeth are slowly decaying. I have never liked my smile so I don’t do it much knowing how bad my teeth look has made me very self conscious. I cannot afford to go to the dentist for even a checkup or x-rays. Getting an affordable Painless Dental Smile Makeover from Brighter Image Lab may be my last hope.  I have not been employed in two years so I have not been able to obtain or afford any type of dental insurance. My children are all grown and to be able to have something in my life to make me feel beautiful is not an option without the money to make my Painless Smile Makeover possible. I would love to smile and I need the help of to make my dream come true.



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