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Hi there! I saw this opportunity online and thought I would give it a shot. My name is Jennifer Graff and I am a 44 year old mother of two beautiful girls. Now here is my story brace yourself it is a lot. My story begins in childhood. I have genetically weak teeth from both parents. I feel like I spent more time than most children in a dental chair. I would strive so hard for a perfect checkup but could never seem to leave the dentist office without a minimum of six cavities. I literally brushed three times a day once taking my toothbrush to school and everything! That checkup I left with twelve cavities and was heartbroken. In junior high school we found out that I suffered from TMJ which I inherited from my father. I had braces put on to realign my jaw bone for a deep overbite. Before that could happen I had my wisdom teeth pulled. We could not afford the luxury of me being put under so I watched the entire four hour procedure in the dentist glasses. He took all four at once. Because I have such weak teeth I have had numerous root canal procedures, crowns, fillings, and braces. When I decided to have my first child, as a result I lost two teeth that had root canals done but had yet to be crowned. Go figure she ended up with a extra tooth in her pallet that had to be removed. With my second child I lost two more teeth and she had a tooth that was actually two fused together! Because of my children I was receiving county assistance which afforded me a chance to finally see a dentist. I went to the dentist and naturally needed a ton of work done. By the time we got approvals I had literally one week before the year was up and if I didn’t get everything done would have to resubmit. This work consisted of several fillings, extractions, and root canal procedures. ( four root canals to be exact ) I also needed to be seen by a oral surgeon to have another six teeth extracted in order to receive my bridge. My dentist was so wonderful I couldn’t have asked for better. I was working graveyard at the time and literally slept through all of my root canals. The oral surgeon on the other hand was a whole different story. There was only one oral surgeon at the time in my area that would accept medi cal. My visit started with the man numbing me up which is something I had done millions of times before. But this man just jammed the needle in so hard and fast that I literally had tears streaming down my face and he injected the medicine so fast I could feel it spraying the back of my throat. Next I was brought into a room and was layed down on a table where he then put a block between my top and bottom jaws and had his assistant hold my chin while he took a hammer and chisel and broke my teeth into pieces to pull them out. Mind you I had the same thing done with my wisdom teeth just not nearly as brutal. With each hit to my teeth it felt like he was punching me in my face. I am positive that I have some major jaw bone damage due to this man making any future dental work that much harder and more expensive. Never in my long life of dental chairs did I consider getting up and walking out during a procedure except that day. But I was educated in these type of procedures and realized if I did who was going to stitch me up. By the time I reached my regular dentist to have my bridge fitted I was so traumatized all I could do was cry. After that it took two weeks for the bruises to my face to completely show and over a month for them to go away. Well I got through all that and was smiling again with my new bridge until one day I accidentally knocked them off the sink into the bathtub and broke them. They were never the same. My dentist tried to fix them with no luck. Now I was really embarrassed of my smile. I have front teeth missing and other teeth that had caps that relied on my bridge being in for support. As a consequence I have lost two caps now as well in the front. I have no back teeth so I completely rely on my front teeth to chew. My self esteem was bad I actually wrote in to Jenny Jones with my story. I got a letter back telling me to show up to be examined by a dentist. When I arrived that day there were so many people there. One woman I noticed walked in with her head completely down. When I got to talking to her she told me a story that broke my heart and made me feel like I couldn’t even consider teeth from there with her existence in the world. Wonderfully she was chosen and when I watched the episode with her on it I could not stop crying for her. A smile really does make a ton of difference in appearance and self esteem and over all attitude in life. She physically looked different and was stunning! She was such a kind soul and totally deserved it. Well my teeth have reached a point that it is unbearable for me to smile in pictures or even look at them in the mirror. I feel like I embarrass my children when I meet their friends. I feel like I lose out on dates with guys I would have easily landed if I had better teeth. But most importantly I am unemployed and feel I have lost out on jobs because of the appearance of my teeth. If it were not for my best friend and her husband I would be literally living on the streets right now. Dental work is not on the top of the priority list compared to more urgent matters for me. With the economy and the area I live in ( it’s all aerospace ) those jobs that are not aerospace are all given to kids in their twenties not to forty four year old toothless ladies. So there it is my full tragic dental story. I would love to be considered for your program. Please know if I get picked that you would be literal God sends to my life and bright light in the darkness of my tunnel I never saw an end to. Bless you for doing this for people. Even if I am not chosen, doing this for people who need it is the most selfless thing your company can do. I have seen your testimonials online and your program is so easy and hassle free and those people are changed in a positive way by your service. Technology has come so far. For people who suffer as I do about their smile you truly do make a difference in this world. Sometimes one act of kindness can be the major turning point for those who need it to either succeed or fail. God bless you. I thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Jennifer Graff

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