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Well my story starts like this i am a 42 year old wife mother and grandmother. I have issues with my mouth as you can see..i have a past of drug addiction but thank god i have found my way out i have been clean almost 6 years in Oct of this year..a lot of my damage was caused by my drug use and when i got sober i realized just how terrible it was and i stopped smiling..(with teeth showing) got sober and met the man of my dreams and he loved me anyway we have been married now for 2 years and going strong..our finances dont allow us to  budget a smile in for me because i am not able to work…my husband is disabled he is partially paralyzed on his right side so i am his care giver he has had 2 brain surgeries from tumors,.just once i would like to smile at him and let him know just how happy he makes me…tho all my time is devoted to him and taking care of our household and making sure things are done ,normal house work taking care of our fur babies and keeping up with our 10 month old grand daughter..there just isnt time for me so i saw this ad and thought hey what can it hurt..thanks for reading my story…may god bless you in many ways!

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