Help Paulino Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

I've been embarrassed with my smile since as long as I can remember. I'm a college student right now and even before I started attending college I couldn't afford the cost of orthodontic treatment. I don't know if you can you get veneers with crooked teeth. Plus I was worried about the veneers procedure.

I've always dreamed of having nice teeth but money in my family has always been an issue so my teeth have been left the way they are. I looked online for ways to straighten teeth without braces but cannot afford straighten teeth without braces or Invisalign.

I'm embarrassed to smile at times because of my crooked front tooth. It would be a dream come true to cover up teeth that have kept me from smiling and receive any type of help with a smile makeover. I'm not even sure if I can get veneers if my teeth are not straight?

I just want to regain the confidence I would've had with nice teeth. My first year of college was rough because I had to meet many people (mostly girls) and I didn't even want to open my mouth around them. Most of the people I know have nice teeth and it honestly hurts to know that I couldn't afford braces or any type of cosmetic veneer.

I'm asking for help to receive veneers online because it would make my life so much better in every way. I am appreciative of this opportunity to apply and I hope that Brighter Image Lab can really help me get smile veneers. My social life would be way less stressful if I didn't have to worry about how bad my teeth are, especially my crooked front tooth.

Please help me change my life for the better. I would be forever grateful to the Brighter Image Lab team if I received the help I need to get veneers online. Thank you so much for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. if you can swing the  Press On Veneers for me.

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