Help Stephanie Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Hi, my name is Stephanie I am a mother of 3 and hate my smile. I am looking for the Perfect White Smile without a dentist .   I had traditional braces for 4 years as a teenager and did not have much improvement with them. I was never given retainers or anything  else to help maintain my teeth stay where they were when the braces where removed. I was interested in invisalign at one time but they were very expensive and involved too many orthodontist appointments for adjustments and check ups. I work a full time job and as stated an mother of 3 so just don’t have all the extra time to keep up with the maintenance of invisalign. I have a bad over bite and some crowding as well as yellowing. After looking at the before and after photos on your website for Press On Veneers I know this is MY ANSWER for the Perfect White Smile without a dentist being involved.  I would love to be able to smile with confidence. Please help me get the perfect white smile everyone deserves when they are smiling.






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