Help Lisa Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

I really been praying for a way to get my health better and I believe my teeth is a biggest part of why my head hurts a lot, sinuses flaring up as it is now. I’m taking antibiotics after an infection in the top and bottom of my mouth. I don’t have insurance. I’m working on a job that will provide that, but still, I don’t see how I can afford it. I’m 47 years old nearly and fear what my aching mouth is going to be the killer in my health. I can only chew with my front teeth as the back are missing. The rest are rotten. And about to fall out and or even break further than now. I tried taking care if my teeth after countless dentists appointments in my young adult life but was already to late periodontal disease. It has stolen the vibrant smile I could be wearing. Although my parents didn’t take us to the dentist or routinely make us brush our teeth, I tried fixing the result but have lost teeth I’m also a mother of three who raised all three with sole custody. Truly by nestled from my youngest was 3 & is 23 now my oldest will be 31 I had her when I was 15 and  did it on my own. I did. Anyway I just decided to keep them what I have left until they fall out but preferably fix them with false or veneers so I can felt good and not sick all the time. Please help me, I don’t want to walk around another day like this and I would really love to be happy with my appearance. I just want to smile and be happy and this would truly bless me .  Thank you Lisa Yates

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