Help Sherry Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

I grew up in a poor family and  my mom never told  us to brush our teeth so now I have a mouthful of broken Porcelain Caps and now in need of Press on Veneers.  She didn’t know how to brush her own so I don’t blame her for the ill shape of her children’s teeth. She was a single mom of 5 and struggled.  One day the school looked at my teeth and they were shocked when I told them I never brushed my teeth because I never owned a toothbrush.  So I lost a lot of  teeth finally, when I got good dental insurance and I thought I would finally have pretty teeth after we were done with all of our appointments for the porcelain caps but they turned out really bad and that is even after my co- pay of over $5,000  I got  porcelain caps but  some of my porcelain caps have already broken leaving me looking into Press on Veneers to cover my porcelain caps .  I  would be so happy to be able to smile and show a pretty Press on Veneer instead of my broken porcelain caps. When I talk or smile I always cover my mouth. I’m  also recently divorced and embarrassed  to go out meet someone new because of all the broken porcelain caps in my mouth. Thanks for hearing my story and giving me the hopes of a new smile with Press on Veneers instead of all these broken porcelain caps I am stuck with.  Press on Veneers would be life changing for me.

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